Career Highlights

PictureNavy years: I was stationed in Norfolk, VA, and traveled to Iceland and along the East Coast for cases as well as acting as an Admiral’s staff attorney for a deployment around South America. As a JAG Defense Counsel, I represented officers wound up in the Tailhook scandal.

Family law: On the divorce front, I recently appealed cases concerning a father’s liability for child support in the context of imputed income and alimony before the 2nd District Court of Appeals. We also have numerous scheduled trials involving custody, equitable distribution and child support. Child support modifications, both upward and downward, are also a practice area.

Criminal cases: In the criminal arena, domestic violence cases, DUIs and drug offenses are most prevalent. Other state felonies and other misdemeanors are also handled. Federal cases including one involving slavery which was reported on CNN are also a part of the practice.

Mortgage Foreclosure Defense: Since 2008, I have represented homeowners in over 200 cases. In March of 2013, I authored a chapter in a book on defending foreclosures, “Strategies for Defending Florida Foreclosures: Leading Lawyers on Understanding Florida’s Foreclosure Crisis and Providing Expert Insights to Achieve Successful Outcomes (Inside the Minds)”